All Dressed Up – Get A Dress


Registration is open: Friday, February 7th, 6 AM – Saturday, February 29th, 11:30 PM
Only one registration is permitted per student. Multiple orders will be deleted.

When and where can I get a dress?

Saturday, March 7, 2020, at Madison College, 1701 Wright St., Madison, WI 

What are the requirements for a free dress?

  • Sign up beginning February 7 at 6am for an assigned time slot
  • Show up during your selected time slot on the day of the event (if you arrive before, you will not be able to shop until your time slot)
  • An adult must be with you (or your group) at the event at all times
  • Sign a Liability Wavier/Photo Release (print & bring with you or sign at the event. Attendees can wear a wristband so to not be included in photos.)
  • Bring a photo ID

How do the shopping time slots work?

The slots are first come, first serve so the earlier you sign up the more options you’ll have for desired shopping times. When you arrive, you will be given a ticket for your time slot and they will be called in order. You may arrive before your designated time slot, but your number will not be called until all the numbers in the previous time slot are called.

What should I expect when I arrive at Madison College on March 7th?

  • Park in the free student parking lot between Hoffman and Wright Streets
  • Enter the building at the college’s main entrances on the east or southeast side of the building on Wright Street.
  • Stay to the right and follow the All Dressed Up signs to the cafeteria
  • Check in at the ADU registration table; be sure to have the following:
    • An adult with you (or your group)
    • Photo ID
    • Liability Waiver/Photo Release
    • A positive attitude (that includes everyone attending with you!) Everyone is beautiful so negative body comments are forbidden!
  • It is a long walk from the parking lot to the event site in the building. If you need other parking/drop-off accommodations please email us
  • Recommended items:
    • Undergarments appropriate for prom dresses (strapless bra, underwear)
    • Water bottle/snacks (food is not provided but the vending machines are available)
    • Deodorant to put on after trying on dresses (please do not wear any that might transfer to the dresses)
  • You’ll be given a number at registration, please wait in Celebrations Lounge.
  • When your number is called head to the Personal Shopper station to begin shopping.
  • Select your dress!
  • Head to the check-out station for a brief survey and to have your dress bagged
  • If hems and/or straps are being altered, please wait in Celebrations Lounge until your dress is delivered to the check-out station.

How long will it take me to find a dress?

There are many factors that will affect the amount of time you’ll spend at the event. Some find their dress on the first try while others take longer. There are only 24 dressing rooms and over 350 teens will be attending so we encourage all attendees to be conscious about keep their dressing room usage to a minimum. Dress shopping will be limited to 2 hours. If hems or straps are altered, your time at the event could increase up to 2 hours. Taking those factors into account as well as your arrival time and wait time in Celebrations Lounge for your number to be called, you may be at the event between 3-5 hours.

What if my size doesn’t fit?

The sizes marked on the dresses are just rough guidelines. You may need to try on dresses in sizes larger than your clothing size. Formal dress sizes vary from typical clothing sizes and many of the donated dresses have been altered by the original owner.

What if I can’t find a dress that fits just right?

Volunteers with the Madison Sewing Guild will be available during the event to adjust the length of straps or the length of the dress if needed at no charge. Please note that this may add 30 minutes to 2 hours to your overall time at the event depending on how many dresses need alterations. If you are having alterations done, wear your dress to the Hems and Straps back hallway and take your clothes with you. There will be a designated dressing room for you to change back into your clothes after the volunteers measure you.

What if I can’t find a dress that I like?

We have thousands of dresses that have been donated by our community, but occasionally some girls are not able to find a dress that they want to take home.

Are there dressing rooms?

Yes, there is a large room filled with drapery creating 24 dressing rooms. Please note that no men or any photos will be allowed in this space as the drapery is only semi-private.

What if my adult attending with me is my dad or another male adult?

They are definitely welcome but will have to remain in the Celebrations Lounge or dress rack area. There will be seats outside the dressing rooms that they may sit in for viewing the dresses you try on.

Can I take pictures of myself in the dresses?

Absolutely no photos are allowed in the dressing rooms. You may be asked to leave the event you are caught taking photos. There will be a space outside the dressing room for photos, but please take them quickly as there will be other students that need the dressing room.

Who can I bring with me to the event?

There must be a responsible adult with each attendee or group of attendees. Please note that the dressing room area is a tight space with lots of activity so only one person may go with you into the dressing rooms; other guests may wait in Celebrations Lounge or in the chairs outside the dressing room. Due to the possibility of lengthy wait periods, young children are not recommended at the event.

Will there be food provided?

No food will be provided, but Madison College concession stands are likely to be open by the gym and there are vending machines throughout the building. Please note that no food or drinks other than water are allowed in the dressing room area.

Why do I have to sign a Photo Release Waiver?

We’ll be taking photos, video and there may be media coverage.

What is a Personal Shopper?

Personal Shoppers are strong leading women in our community that have chosen to donate their time to help you find a dress. They’ll guide you through the process and help you find the right dress.

How can you connect with us?

We will be posting on social media about the event all day. Please link up with us in advance on social media:

How can I give back?

Please consider donating your dress back to All Dressed Up. All area Klinke Cleaners collect donations each February (dates published in January each year). Dresses are not collected by Klinke Cleaners or the Junior League of Madison outside of February.

What if I have additional questions?

Please email us at